Sustainable Development Goals – Moving Beyond Mapping

Sustainable Development Goals – Moving Beyond Mapping

Sustainable Development Goals – Moving Beyond Mapping

Join SBC’s Robert Perry, with Kate Beddoe (Vector), Lisa Martin (Sanford), Caroline Thalund (CIAL) and Phillip Taula (MFAT) for a networking event, hosted by Beca Ltd., to share approaches, successes and learnings when engaging, aligning and integrating the SDGs into business.

Kate Beddoe, (Vector) will give a progress update on Vector’s use of prioritised SDGs to integrate sustainability into the business through various initiatives, and its approach to developing robust reporting.

Lisa Martin, (Sanford) will talk about Sanford’s approach to embedding the SDGs into business strategy through its materiality assessment and stakeholder engagement; and translating global goals into meaningful, relevant targets for reporting.

Caroline Thalund (CIAL) will share CIAL’s journey in using the SDGs as a framework to build organisational culture based on sustainability and to empower collaboration through a creative bottom-up approach.

Phillip Taula (MFAT) will give an update on NZ’s Voluntary National Review of progress on the SDGs to the UN and ask for feedback from business. Phillip will also outline the roles different government agencies play in the implementation of the SDGs.

To round out the session SBC’s Robert Perry will share latest global developments, resources and examples of businesses integrating the SDGs.

Each presentation will include a Q&A session. The event will be followed by a networking lunch.

This event is free for SBC members, who can register with Debbie Bougen The presentations will be available to watch live via SBC’s Livestream page.

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