Quick Guide: Emissions Measurement & Management

This guide provides information about companies in New Zealand and overseas who can help with measuring emissions, setting targets and reporting on performance.

SBC Quick Guide: Emissions Management and Measurement

The Sustainable Business Council asks members to commit to:

– Begin to measure and report to the SBC on that member’s carbon (greenhouse gas) footprint, within two years of becoming a member.

– Report to the SBC on that member’s plan to reduce its carbon intensity within three years of becoming a member.

Measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) is key to New Zealand’s transition to a low-emission economy.

This will be necessary if New Zealand is to meet the Paris Agreement commitment to reduce emissions by 30% emission reduction on 2005 levels by 2030 and to limit global warming to below 2℃. Climate change is already affecting the most vulnerable countries, populations and ecosystems. Action and cooperation, across all sectors, is required to accelerate the reduction of global emissions.

Measuring greenhouse gas emissions is the first step to understanding where impacts are greatest in a business. Managing emissions involves setting long-term targets for reduction across the business and building a road map for how to get to the target.

More information about who is leading emissions reduction action in New Zealand, and why: Platform for Action on Climate and Emissions: pace.sbc.org.nz

More about the Climate Leaders Coalition, a group of leading New Zealand businesses committed to taking action on climate change: www.climateleaderscoalition.org.nz

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