SBC Member Survey 2018

Download the survey results (PDF)

SBC has developed a new strategy through to 2020: Helping businesses be the best for New Zealand and the world. Four pillars direct how we work and where we focus:

  • Create fellowship and belonging
  • Make sustainability the norm and then unavoidable
  • Make sustainability easy and clear
  • Make sustainability inspirational and aspirational

This year we surveyed members to get their opinion on how we’re doing on our new strategy. We also asked members if they are satisfied with SBC’s support, projects, events and storytelling, who is talking about sustainability at their business, how likely they are to renew membership, and whether they would recommend SBC membership to another New Zealand business. And we asked members what they would like us to keep doing, and what they would like us to change or stop doing.

SBC will use the survey results to help us decide how we can best deliver on our purpose and evolve our member support and storytelling.

Abbie Reynolds, Executive Director SBC, and Volker Kuntzsch, CEO, Sanford and SBC Advisory Board Deputy Chair talk about what they’ve heard from members in 2018 and what might change as a result.

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