Ravensdown exists to enable smarter farming for a better New Zealand. As a farmer-owned co-operative, our products, expertise and technology help farmers reduce environmental impacts and optimise value from the land.

Whether it’s food grown for livestock or for humans, we are an integral part of the food creation process. We are the only co-operative on the planet that tests for, advises about, buys, ships, stores, spreads, measures and maps food-creating nutrients and fertiliser in a truly integrated way. We also provide products and services in environmental mitigation, agronomy and animal health sectors.

When it comes to the growing prosperity of New Zealand, stronger rural communities and a progressive, environmentally considerate agri-sector, Ravensdown is part of the solution.

We are science-focused organisation delivering quality agri-products, technologies and services. Our enabled people are driven to build trust among stakeholders so that the social licence of the co-operative and our customers is extended.

Council Member

Garry Diack

Chief Executive Officer