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SBC membership offers businesses the opportunity to influence key climate-related government decisions, budgets and pieces of legislation, ensuring their voices are heard at the highest level. Alongside the Climate Leaders Coalition, we advocate on behalf of our 160+ collective members to over six different government ministries and agencies, providing a clear, consistent and reputable voice for sustainable business.

Through SBC advocacy, our members have influenced:

  • the inclusion of $339m of new funding for agriculture emissions reduction technology and applied R&D
  • an increase in the GIDI fund from $65m to $600m for the transition from coal-fired process heat to low-emissions options
  • the inclusion of 12 out of 14 member priority recommendations in the final draft of the first Emissions Reduction Plan

“SBC is a professional body providing invaluable aid to business to enable them to interpret, respond and link into government initiatives but also providing clarity and tools to enable business’ next steps on their sustainability journey.” – Member survey, 2022

Recent advocacy

SBC and CLC submission on the Climate Change Commission’s Pathways Consultation

The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) have submitted a collective response to the Climate Change Commission’s consultation on three critical documents: the 2050 emissions reduction target, the fourth emissions budget, and the potential inclusion of international aviation and shipping emissions in the 2050 target.

This document represents the collective views of the members of SBC and CLC, a group of more than 160 businesses who contribute more than 40 percent of New Zealand’s GDP.SBC is part of BusinessNZ, New Zealand’s largest business organisation.

SBC and CLC members are committed to supporting New Zealand’s climate change response architecture, which has provided a clear signal to the private sector about the path to a net zero-emissions, climate-resilient economy by 2050.

This submission draws on previous publications and highlights the need for targets and policies aligned with the Paris Agreement, a focus on gross emissions reductions, consideration of the role of nature-based solutions, removals through native afforestation, an effective policy mix, and stability of policies across governments. Tackling the nature crisis alongside the climate crisis is essential and creates a virtuous circle of co-benefits that amplifies any investment.

All submissions

SBC National EV Charging Strategy Submission

SBC National EV Charging Strategy Submission

The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) and Climate Leaders Coalition (CLC) present this high-level submission in response to the consultation on The Government’s long-term strategic vision for Aotearoa’s national electric vehicle charging infrastructure system.

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