Counties Energy

Counties Energy

At Counties Energy we believe energy can change lives for the better. For the planet. Our customers. And our communities. As one of New Zealand’s most progressive energy companies, we power everything from homes and businesses, through to new tech innovations and life-changing ideas.

Having proudly served the Counties community since 1924, a lot has changed about the way we provide and consume energy. Be it changes in legislation, governance, technology or demand, our journey has shaped who we are today, and who we’ll become to best serve our customers tomorrow. We aim to keep innovating to meet these ever-changing needs for the next hundred years, and beyond.

We stand for a new era of business, for a changing world, ensuring we continue to evolve to stay relevant to help our community, our customers, our environment and our people to thrive. As an electricity distributor, our beginnings were in supplying and maintaining the lines and equipment that brought power to our customers. These days, we’re more than power – we’re a technology and energy business, and as New Zealand transitions to a low carbon future, we’ll continue to lead change to be fully prepared for what’s next.

As a consumer-owned company, we’ll continue to make much broader decisions across our network and beyond, in a smarter, safer, more sustainable, reliable and affordable way. Lowering emissions and creating smaller carbon footprints through sustainable technologies is becoming an increasing focus for us. Our new energy journey includes a focus on smart grid technologies and customer-focused energy ecosystems such as virtual power plants and community energy schemes that utilise electric vehicle charging, renewable energy and cutting-edge digital technologies.

Council Member

Judy Nicholl

Chief Executive Officer