Ando Insurance

Ando Insurance

Ando is a general insurance agency, founded in 2015 with a belief that insurance should be less complex, less stressful and more transparent. Simply put, Ando wants New Zealanders to expect more of their insurers.

Our sustainability approach comes from our purpose to ‘Positively impact the wellbeing of New Zealanders’. We are committed to improving the wellbeing of our environment, our people and our community.

As part of our commitment to the environment, we began a series of initiatives in 2021 to measure & reduce Ando’s greenhouse gas emissions and to raise awareness amongst our staff, partners & supply chain to also take action. We also established our Trees for Transport initiative which is planting native trees along Aotearoa’s walking and cycling trails to absorb CO2 vehicle emissions. To date (April 2024) we have funded the planting of over 21,000 native trees.

We also believe it is our responsibility to ensure we understand how climate change impacts our ability to operate and create better outcomes for our customers, staff, suppliers, partners, and community. Being a part of the Sustainable Business Council gives us the ability to work collaboratively to define the role insurance plays in climate adaptation and building climate-resilience in our business.

Council Member

John Lyon