Carbon & Energy Efficiency Services (CarbonEES) is an international provider of energy, utility and greenhouse gas emission management services. Our business is all about adding value for our clients and we do this through improving the way they use energy and utilities, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

We practice a business philosophy based on a partnering approach and we take the time to understand our client's needs and use this knowledge to deliver results in a way that is important to them.

The objectives are to help to build sustainable businesses, as a sustainable business is a good business and sustainability should be rewarded with profitability.

We offer a full range of energy and utility management services that are suitable for all types of organisations – from those who may have never before considered energy and utility management, to those who may have quite advanced and sophisticated programmes.

The range of services we offer, include energy & utility management advice and consultancy, energy auditing, energy contract procurement, greenhouse gas emission tracking & carbon reporting and our own in-house energy & utility software management called e-Bench® – arguably the most sophisticated and advanced system available of its kind in the world. We can help with the development of energy and utility management programmes in accordance with ISO14064 and ISO50001. Our work with organisations on energy audits and implementation plans involve undertaking organisation-wide Level One Energy Audits and more refined Level Two Energy Audits on specific buildings or processes. These can be incorporated into implementation plans where funding and/or performance contracts can be used to achieve the efficiency improvements/financial returns. Clients include Parliamentary Service, Waikato Regional Council, Wellington City Council, Massey University.

For more information about our services, contact Geoff Bennett, 04 3846121 and 021 626 930 gbennett@ca

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