Ministry for the Environment (MfE)

Ministry for the Environment (MfE)

The Ministry for the Environment holds responsibility for the long term stewardship of New Zealand’s environment. Our job is making sure that our amazing corner of the world stays this way. In a 100 years’ time we want New Zealand to be the most liveable place imaginable, backed by evidence of our natural capital and what it takes to achieve sustainable prosperity. We administer environmental legislation and advise the government of the day. We also look across the natural resources system to connect and mobilise New Zealanders to make decisions that not only protect, but improve our natural resources.

Partnerships are key. We are working alongside all sorts of people and organisations to improve fresh water quality, soil and ecosystems; move to a resilient and low-emission economy; have healthy air and sustainable, liveable cities; and be world-leading in how we manage our oceans.

We want to ensure our environment thrives along with our economy and people. That’s why we inspire, we listen, we engage, we invest, we provide the evidence, we make connections and we monitor the system to see what’s working. We drive constant improvement across the environmental and natural resources systems.

Council Member

Anne Haira

Deputy Secretary Climate Change/Partnerships and Customers