BMS-IT provides sustainable technology hardware disposal services to assist organisations with the decommissioning phase of their IT refresh projects or to help with the removal of their surplus computer equipment.

Our primary objective is to prevent the need for assets becoming eWaste by repurposing them into new markets both locally and internationally. This extends the useful life of equipment, and a financial return is provided for the bulk of the assets we receive in line with our goal of creating a circular economy for used IT equipment.

This business model optimises utility, is environmentally friendly and generates significant revenue for the suppliers of over 100,000 computers that BMS-IT processes annually that may otherwise have ended up in landfill. Any assets that cannot be repurposed are broken down and recycled in line with local and international standards, with a certificate of recycling provided on request.

We are able to process a wide range of technology assets, including laptops, desktops, LCD’s, mobile phones, tablets, servers, storage and networking equipment.

One of the key services we provide is hard drive data erasure which is performed using the latest software technology. An individual data erasure certificate is provided for each device erased compliant to international erasure standards (NIST 800-88 or DoD 5220.22-M). This provides the peace of mind that any data stored on a device is securely sanitised enabling compliance with data protection regulations and guidelines.

In line with our commitment to working in a sustainable way, BMS-IT operates from a state-of-the-art facility which provides renewable energy to the grid, harvests and re-uses rainwater and has dedicated EV charging stations.

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Steve Westcott Jones