New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER)

New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER)

NZIER is an independent economic consulting and forecasting organisation specialising in quality economic analysis and research. We are a specialist research and consulting firm using applied economics and analysis. Over nearly 60 years we have built a reputation for the delivery of quality products.

Consulting: NZIER is funded through consulting work. We provide authoritative and impartial economic analysis and advice to give decision-makers the greatest confidence in their business and policy decisions.

Public Good: As a non-profit organisation, we devote resources to fund our own independent economic research on economic issues that we think the public should be debating.

Macro-economic forecasting and surveys: NZIER is known for its long-established Quarterly Survey of Business Opinion and Quarterly Predictions, both available to members of NZIER.

NZIER brings three major institutional advantages:

Credibility: NZIER is a reputable independent organisation.
Capacity: We have the largest team of economists in New Zealand outside government, and can draw in the right skills as well as have “back up” staff to minimise project or delivery risk.
Quality assurance: We integrate quality assurance and risk management into our day-to-day project management.

Council Member

Jason Shoebridge