New Zealand Forest Owners Association

New Zealand Forest Owners Association

The New Zealand Forest Owners Association has been a representative of commercial plantation forest owners since the early twentieth century. Its principal purpose is to promote and protect the interests of forest owners’ 1.75-million-hectare forest estate.

Our members, from small-scale farm foresters to large, forest growing corporates, are leaders in the production of quality wood, and are committed to the highest standards of sustainable silviculture, environmental practice, and workforce safety.

As part of the wider forest growing sector, our members have helped grow forestry to be New Zealand’s fourth largest export earner, providing employment for 40,000 people and generating important economic income for rural communities every year.

We believe production forestry has a unique opportunity to lead New Zealand into a low-emissions future. Our forests sequester more than half the nation’s annual carbon dioxide emissions, provide a sustainable, durable timber in place of carbon-intensive plastics and steel and offer local businesses the means to reduce dependence on fossil fuels through wood waste.

Council Member

Elizabeth Heeg