Phoenix Metalman Recycling

Phoenix Metalman Recycling

We are a 100% NZ owned metal recycling, resource recovery, demolition and de-construction business operating nationwide.  We service customers within the following sectors: Engineering & Manufacturing, Automotive, Battery supply, Construction, Demolition, Import, Export, Energy and Waste sectors and the general public.

We are Toitū Envirocare Net Carbon Zero certified - offsetting every truck kilometre, every equipment movement between and within our yards and demolition sites,  every container movement to destination port of our global recycling partners.

Our mission is to ensure Aotearoa New Zealand's metal recycling industry leads in the environmental stewardship of an infinitely renewable resource.   We advocate for and facilitate the recovery of metallic resources, divert those resources from landfills, whilst operating in an environmentally sustainable manner, ensuring those metallic products reach their recycling potential within their local and global circular economies. Due to our nationwide reach and our vertically integrated service we offer our clients a reduced carbon emissions service due to our convenient locations, efficient operations and reduced double handling of materials. We manage more than 50 metallic products; we can work with clients to advise on how easy or difficult it is to recycle their products containing metals.

Our Construction & Demolition Waste Reporting System and Site Specific Waste Plan's manage our demolition project's waste streams to ensure maximum diversion of waste to landfill.  We offer an integrated service for Greenstar Accredited Demolition Projects.   We have dedicated specialist Health & Safety and R&M teams utilizing cutting edge equipment & methodologies to deliver our services across New Zealand. Sustainability data is the new currency of business - we provide weighbridge data for all loads we receive to businesses seeking accountability of their resource streams for recycling reporting criteria.

Council Member

Hilary West-Reeve

Co-owner/ Chief Sustainability Officer