Phoenix Metalman Recycling

Phoenix Metalman Recycling

Phoenix Metalman Recycling is a proudly 100% New Zealand-owned nationwide recycling company and Toitū Envirocare net carbon zero certified. Our mission is to make the circular economy a reality by circulating and recycling secondary resources from the land.

We offer metal and battery recycling plus collections services, sustainability data, resource recovery, demolition, deconstruction and decommissioning services to all industries. We collect, accumulate, process, package and transport more than 130 types of metal products and various chemistries of domestic, commercial and industrial batteries. We export these materials to be recycled. We are Toitū Envirocare net carbon zero certified. While we electrify our fleet we are offsetting all our transport emissions. That includes every truck kilometre, every equipment movement between and within our yards and demolition sites, and every container movement to the destination port of our global recycling partners. We’re also Toitū verified for NZGBC Green Star projects for construction and demolition waste reporting.

We’re helping the shift to a circular economy by recovering metals that are infinitely recyclable and diverting them from landfill. This helps reduce deforestation and mining of virgin resources. Our nationwide metal recycling service delivers recycling solutions along with sustainability data and emissions reporting to help with your climate related disclosures. We are contributing to Aotearoa New Zealand’s UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and beyond.

Council Member

Hilary West-Reeve

Executive Director - Chief Sustainability Officer