Businesses challenged to shift thinking on sustainability

Businesses challenged to shift thinking on sustainability

An international business expert is challenging New Zealand companies to extend the way they approach corporate sustainability.

Dr Alexandra Stubbings, co-founder of UK firm Talik & Company and former head of Sustainability Consulting Practice at the UK’s Ashridge Business School, is hosting a discussion with New Zealand business leaders as part of a new Sustainable Business Council (SBC) leadership programme.

Dr Stubbings says having a strong purpose needs to be placed back at the heart of business.

“We need to change the way we think about corporate sustainability. Sustainability can’t be separated from society and the environment. We need to figure out how to embed business into sustainability, rather than trying to embed sustainability into business.

“Transforming companies requires a focus on a broader social purpose and collaboration across sectors, including with competitors and wider stakeholders. For some this will be challenging. The key to achieving this will be building strong organisational values and culture.”

The SBC leadership programme, Leadership for Sustainable Value, is working with 20 senior business leaders from some of New Zealand’s largest companies.

SBC Executive Director Penny Nelson said that by arming some of this country’s most innovative leaders with the tools and strategies they need for change, SBC is helping them open doors to new opportunities.




26 Jun, 2015

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