Emissions target is the first step

The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) says target-setting is the first step in the shift to a low carbon economy – next there needs to be a long term commitment to change.  

Executive Director Penny Nelson said: “A 2030 target that is disconnected from a longer term carbon pathway risks creating an unpredictable environment for businesses considering large, long term investments.”

“We are already seeing a group of businesses leading action on freight efficiency, energy efficiency and the Renewables Highway initiative. These business leaders in New Zealand need certainty so they can make investments for change and work together on approaches within their own sectors.”

“It’s not just our Brand NZ reputation that rests on a successful transition to a low carbon economy. New Zealand businesses are seeing growing opportunities coming from a new low carbon economy as we transition globally.”  

SBC welcomes the government’s commitment to making “a fair and ambitious contribution to the international effort” on climate change and looks forward to participating in the next stages of the discussion.


7 Jul, 2015

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