Extending the ERP timeframe is the right decision

Extending the ERP timeframe is the right decision

The Government’s decision to extend the timeframe for delivering its first Emissions Reduction Plan (ERP) is the right decision while New Zealanders focus on getting through the latest Covid outbreak, says Sustainable Business Council Executive Director, Mike Burrell.

“The ERP is a key step in setting out Aotearoa New Zealand’s transition to a low-emissions economy and we agree that it is better to do it once and do it right,” Mike Burrell says.

“The Government’s draft ERP due out next month will benefit from a robust consultation process to ensure it is based on the best available evidence and can generate broad public support. Our members and the broader business community are committed to climate action, however right now they are focused on the welfare of their people and managing the logistical and financial effects of lockdown. Auckland business people, in particular, do not have the headspace required to meaningfully engage with this process while they are suffering the effects of the lockdown.

“While we recognise that we need to act urgently to mitigate the worst effects of climate change, the legislation that set this process in motion was written at a different time when no one could have anticipated we would be dealing with a global pandemic.

“Pushing out the statutory deadline for publishing this first ERP is necessary and reflects the reality of today. It will only require a short delay for a plan that needs to endure for at least the next 14 years. We look forward to working with the Government over the coming months to deliver the best possible result for New Zealanders.”

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15 Sep, 2021

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