NZ Post leads the way through THRIVE – SBC’s Future Work ecosystem

Workforce disruption is a huge, growing challenge to tackle. From talent shortages to the impacts of hybrid working, and from technology shifts to making sure ‘no one is left behind’ as we transition to net zero. Many businesses are facing the same massive challenges, and it’s difficult to address them in isolation – so let’s not.

Welcome to THRIVE, SBC’s future work ecosystem. This 12-month pilot is a partnership between SBC, NZ Post and FutureWork Studio and aims to ultimately bring SBC members together to work collaboratively and engage, support and equip their workforces to thrive in the changing world of work.

Our shared goal is to build a transformational approach to how we build future ready skills, workforces and ways of working today.  Participants will be delivering on that goal by:

  • enabling cross-organisational visibility of current and future skills
  • improving skills utilisation across workforces by connecting people with broader opportunities
  • closing skills gaps through proactive transition planning. 

To find out more, come along to our Thriving People Thriving Voices online event from 1:30-2:30pm on 21 March when Robert Perry will be discussing the initiative with founding partners Kim Culpan (NZ Post) and Vincent Vuillard (FWS). This event is open to SBC members only.

1 Mar, 2023

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