Future of Work

SBC Members are preparing to create meaningful work in a changing economy, in ways that not only enhance productivity and create value, but also enable people to thrive and prosper in the new realities of work to ensure ‘no one is left behind’ in the transition. 

Are you equipped to thrive in the changing world of work?

Workforce disruption is a huge (and growing) challenge to tackle. Current and future issues include:

  • Increase in skill/talent shortages and gaps 
  • Decrease in overall employee wellbeing 
  • Disruption of hybrid working 
  • Technology shifts and business models changes
  • New low carbon products/services 
  • Roles/skills becoming redundant as we move towards net zero 

Core to the work of SBC is bringing members together to work collaboratively and engage, support and equip their workforces to adapt and thrive in the changing world of work to support a just transition to Net Zero. 

What is a Just Transition?

Our members have a shared vision that puts people at the heart of what we do, so that business and communities thrive in this rapidly changing world. 

We have set an ambition for a thriving world of work that is inclusive and sustainable. We want people to thrive – personally, professionally, and as active members of society.The principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi are integral to this, as is business fostering a sense of belonging and ensuring no one is left behind, including in accessing learning and development opportunities.

We work to provide solutions that help business ensure they remain in tune with the needs, goals and aspirations of society against the backdrop of a rapidly evolving landscape. We showcase leadership, collaborate where shared ambition exists, and empower members to take strategic approaches to shape our society and economy. 

We recognise that the government’s policy decisions will affect the demand for, and nature of, work. We work with BusinessNZ and government to ensure policy settings enable our members to bring their communities and people with them as we transition towards a fair and equitable zero carbon economy.

Many opportunities lie ahead for business. These include creating new and better products and services, as well as reconsidering the roles of individuals, organisations and societies at work, in ways that not only create value and boost productivity, but also enable people to thrive in the new realities of work.   

If the transitions involved are poorly managed, potential risks include widening skills gaps and inequality, and growing uncertainties through increasing job displacement, skills transitions and the casualisation of work. The transitions involved call for urgent, decisive action – both individually and collaboratively – to seize these opportunities and to mitigate potential risks.


THRIVE – SBC’s Future Work ecosystem

From talent shortages to the impacts of hybrid working, and from technology shifts to making sure ‘no one is left behind’ as we transition to net zero. Many businesses are facing the same massive challenges, and it’s difficult to address them in isolation – so let’s not. 

Welcome to THRIVE, SBC’s future work ecosystem. This 12-month pilot is a partnership between SBC, NZ Post, Meridian, NZ Steel and FutureWork Studio aiming to bring SBC members together to work collaboratively and engage, support and equip their workforces to thrive in the changing world of work. 

Our shared goal is to build a transformational approach to how we build future ready skills, workforces and ways of working today. Participants are delivering on that goal by: 

  • enabling cross-organisational visibility of current and future skills 
  • improving skills utilisation across workforces by connecting people with broader opportunities 
  • closing skills gaps through proactive transition planning.  

The potential for transformation is huge. To get there, we are deliberatively starting small and building on insights and learnings. The first step is going to be using the THRIVE platform, which gives the participants the ability to activate mentoring, connections and shared events and communities within the ecosystem for agreed employees.

In turn, this supports the organisation’s development priorities and Employer Value Proposition. This then starts to build the readiness, connections and networks to unlock opportunities for transformation such as skills pipelines, career pathways and shared talent pooling both within and across the participating organisations.   

Stay tuned to learn more about this collaboration as it develops, as well as how you can get involved down the road.  

Please note, this collaboration is open to SBC members only. 


How you can get involved 

Please contact Robert Perry, Manager, Thriving People at [email protected].

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