Just Transitions – building a better future for everyone

Ensuring our transition to a low emissions, climate resilient future is fair and inclusive, with equity and people, at its heart.

“All companies should plan ahead for decarbonisation, ensure that workers have the opportunities and skills required to take on new jobs, enable employees to plan for the future, and invest in community renewal”.
(Sharan Burrow and Paul Polman, 2015)

Keep it simple: what is a just transition?

Current Mahi

In 2022 Thriving People will focus on lifting the living standards of Aotearoa and ensuring future employability of people.

As part of this work the Thriving People programme will support members to operationalise just transition pathways through webinars, guidance and thought leadership. Ensuring employees are connected to meaningful work in the changing economy is critical. We have seen how rapidly the nature of work is changing from Covid -19, technology, globalisation and climate change which poses disproportionate risks to those already vulnerable. Making sure employees have the opportunity to develop new capabilities and skills as we face into this future is critical to enhance social and economic wellbeing.

SBC will be building on a work programme from 2020 that developed a micro credential in Money Confidence to support the development of financial skills to build resilience and confidence among participants.

We will also be working with members to lift capability to build future ready skills and prepare workforces for a resilient, low carbon future.

Demystifying Just Transitions

Join SBC’s Robert Perry, Claire Waghorn, Christchurch Airport’s Sustainable Transitions Leader, and Catherine Leining, Policy Fellow, Motu, in conversation, as they discuss what a ‘Just Transition’ means at a policy and enterprise level; how leading businesses are using Just Transition pathways to put people at the heart of climate action, value creation and creating a better future where people, business, and communities thrive together. Connect with Rob Perry with questions or topics for future conversations