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‘Thriving People, Thriving Voices’ series

SBC’s Robert Perry and Megan Gallagher worked with SBC members to showcase the work they have been doing to integrate diversity and inclusion into their workplaces. Watch the videos below to learn more about what diversity looks like in business.

A Sustainable Future: Vision 2050

At SBC, our vision is to create a thriving and sustainable future for all. We recently farewelled our summer 2022 climate intern, Mandira Shailaj, who is a recent graduate from the Masters of Climate Change programme at Victoria University, a Jane Goodall Institute ambassador and United Nations Youth Advisor. We decided to get her thoughts about what a sustainable future would look like, and what her vision for 2050 in New Zealand is. Watch the video to learn more.

Fujitsu’s Maori & Pacific People’s Inclusion Plan.

In one of our regular Thriving People Thriving Voices series, SBC’s Megan Gallagher spoke with Sarah Retter, Acting Country Manager, Fujitsu, and Edwina Mistry, Founder, Create Ops, about Fujitsu’s new Maori and Pacific Peoples Inclusion Plan, how the plan was created and why partnerships sit at the heart of it. You can view Fujitsu’s plan here.  Connect with Edwina and Create Ops here.

Demystifying Just Transitions

With the draft Emissions Reduction Plan due to launch shortly, join SBC’s Robert Perry, Claire Waghorn, Christchurch Airport’s Sustainable Transitions Leader, and Catherine Leining, Policy Fellow, Motu, in conversation, as they discuss what a ‘Just Transition’ means at a policy and enterprise level; how leading businesses are using Just Transition pathways to put people at the heart of climate action, value creation and creating a better future where people, business, and communities thrive together. Connect with Rob Perry with questions or topics for future conversations.

The strengths of a neurodiverse workforce, with Mike Styles from Hidden Talents.

When we talk about diversity and inclusion, we automatically think about gender, age, culture. Usually those with diverse accessibility needs aren’t front of mind. However, 1 in 7 Kiwis are neurodivergent, meaning that their brain functions, learns, and processes information quite differently.

So with a hugely disrupted labour market, notoriously low productivity levels, and talent attraction and retention so critical to our economy right now, do we actually have a skills crisis? Or is part of the problem the fact that we’re ignoring an existing pool of talent that bring diverse skills and thinking that business craves?

In this episode of Thriving Voices, Thriving People, SBC’s Robert Perry is joined by Mike Styles from Hidden Talents to get the low down on neurodiversity and why it’s a competitive advantage for business.

Skycity’s Diversity Strategy

Robert Perry talks to SkyCity’s Claire Walker, Chief People and Culture Officer, and Anthony Thompson, Sustainability Manager, about diversity projects in their workplace, and what changes they’ve been most proud of.

Moving Beyond Diversity workshops


In this video update, Robert and Megan discuss the first Moving Beyond Diversity workshop and what they’ve learned.

These are challenging times. With no organisation, community or whanau immune to the effects of COVID, people’s wellness and wellbeing are paramount. We see building belonging in the workplace as even more critical right now given the levels of disruption and uncertainty.

We have been working with a group of CEs and their People leaders from members including DB, Spark, and Sanford to shape this initiative. Our aim is to support organisations build authentic, inclusive workplaces that foster a sense of belonging.

It is essential that diversity and inclusion are at the heart of both our approach and the outcomes sought. We will be facilitating a three-step collaborative design-led process during June – August 2021 to start our korero about how we are individually and collectively best able to drive behaviour-led systemic change. This collaborative process will be led in partnership with Hia Kai, gaining insights, testing ideas, and prototype solutions for tackling shared challenges through rapid innovation sprints.

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