Business leaders talk about sustainability

Business leaders from SBC member companies talk about how their company approaches sustainability and the business value from doing this.

David Morgan

Captain David Morgan discusses Air New Zealand’s Sustainability Framework, and its importance to Air New Zealand’s business.

Fraser Whineray

Fraser Whineray (Chief Executive, Mighty River Power), talks about how Kaitiakitanga is core to Mighty River Powers’ work, the company’s shared vision with the community and why sustainability is important to all New Zealand businesses.

Volker Kuntzsch & Carl Carrington

Volker Kuntzsch (CEO, Sanford Ltd) and Carl Carrington (CEO, Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd) talk about their collaborative work, how this benefits their businesses and the New Zealand seafood sector.

Abbie Reynolds

Abbie Reynolds (Head of Sustainability & Foundation, Vodafone New Zealand) talks about Vodafone’s approach to embedding sustainability, the business value from doing this and why sustainability is important for all New Zealand businesses.

Alice Andrew

Alice Andrew (Owner & Director, 4Sight Consulting) talks about what sustainability means to 4Sight Consulting as a smaller business and why this is important to clients.


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