Member Review 2017 – 2018

Every two years, we review how members are tracking against the SBC member commitments. Of 80 companies reviewed, 42 had sustainability reports and/or public accounts to review against our criteria.

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Alison Herft, Manager – Member Engagement writes about what good sustainability reporting looks like.

What we found

  • Reporting on sustainability is more integrated into overall business reporting.
  • Businesses are reporting on more sustainability topics, including megatrends, ethics, human rights and labour issues.
  • Gaps still remain about strategy, future objectives and outcomes.
  • Further work is needed to engage stakeholders in a meaningful way that can help an organisation identify its most material issues.
  • More partnerships and collaborations are being set up, and the value of these is being communicated to investors and consumers.
  • There are not many good examples of reporting from smaller businesses, or from professional services firms.
  • Reporting on emissions measurement and reduction measures is more visible and extensive, and is often combined with an emissions reduction plan.
  • There is little disclosure of risk from climate change, or how risks are integrated into strategy and management.

Best practice

Suggestions to improve sustainability reporting

  • Connect sustainability issues in New Zealand with the business’ overall purpose.
  • Connect megatrends such as climate change, shifts in consumer expectations and technological change with how they affect their business.
  • Include the impact on all aspects of the value chain, from suppliers to consumer use and disposal.
  • Consider how the sustainability story can be told for a range of audiences, including infographics, interactive online reports and videos.
  • Engage stakeholders in both developing sustainability strategy and reporting on it.
  • Include approaches to increase diversity and inclusion, transparency and good governance.
  • Consider how business strategy is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

SBC can provide support to help members address the areas where they want to improve.

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