News from COP26 Episode 2 Part 1: Rod Oram with Dave Rouse, CarbonClick

In his second update from Glasgow, New Zealand journalist Rod Oram speaks with Dave Rouse, Chief Executive of CarbonClick, in the COP26 – UN Climate Change Conference Green Room about his ambitions, the current negotiations, and the opportunities from being part of the action on the ground at COP26.


Rod: Kia ora tatou and it’s a great pleasure to be here in the Scottish Science Centre in the Green Zone at COP26 with Dave Rouse from CarbonClick, a Sustainable Business Council member.

So Dave, tell us about your ambitions for COP26.

Dave: Thanks Rod, so our ambitions are to build the connections that we need, that can add value to our base around Article 6 and the negotiations happening at the moment. But also, around the voluntary market that flows on from there – how do we raise the profile of good quality carbon offsetting, and how do we make those stand out from the less ideal ones.

Rod: And indeed, a very intense part of the negotiations over the coming week, and I think there are some high hopes that there will be greater discipline come through in the carbon markets, but also a great opportunity for you to develop relationships here.

Dave: Yeah absolutely, and in the sessions we’ve had so far with IETA and ICROA and so on, I’m very hopeful that that minimum threshold is going to be raised significantly, and we know that when a carbon offset is done, it genuinely makes an impact on our planet that’s tangible.

Rod: Absolutely, all the very best for the second and last week of COP, thanks so much.

Dave: Thanks.

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