The Good Life 2.0 Playbook New Zealand

Consumer expectations, and the status symbols around a ‘good life’, are changing. The desire to live well, in lower-impact ways, is no longer niche. It’s going mainstream. In New Zealand and worldwide, people are increasingly aspiring to lifestyles that are about living smarter, cleaner and better, instead of a life that’s about having bigger, and more, stuff.

A new vision of a good life matters because we need to move away from a vision of living well that is about ‘bigger and more’, which has many negative impacts on society and the environment. We need organisations to promote a new vision – the Good Life 2.0 – that shows that people can live the life that they want to, that also happens to be better for our wellbeing and the environment.

So, what does the ‘good life’ really look and feel like for New Zealanders?

The Good Life 2.0 Playbook NZ, developed by the Sustainable Business Council and Colmar Brunton New Zealand, shows us.

Based on photo diaries from over 600 New Zealanders, the 16 ‘good life’ moments in this Playbook can help brands connect with people through the moments that matter. It is designed to provoke brands to think creatively about how they can exist in these good life moments, and be a part of these positive experiences.

The Good Life 2.0 Playbook NZ has application for all people in a business, from marketing leads to senior leadership and sustainability teams.

We encourage you to look at the 16 moments in the Playbook and the ideas for application, so that you, your teams, agencies and suppliers, can be a part of this new vision of what a ‘good life’ for New Zealanders, that is better for your brand and the communities we live in.

Find out how Toyota New Zealand and O-I Glass are using the Good Life 2.0 Playbook NZ.

*Images above from the WBCSD Good Life 2.0 Playbook for the US audience.

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