Video updates from Mike Burrell – July

Video updates from Mike Burrell, Executive Director.

Video update 30 July


Hello and welcome back. This week I attended the Future of Work Forum which is a three-way collaboration between the Government, BusinessNZ and The Council of Trade Unions.

I think this is an important step to true collaboration between businesses, unions and the government to help New Zealanders meet the challenges of how work is changing, and it was a real privilege to be in the room. My special thanks to Kirk for inviting us in.

We’ve been working on the Future of Work issues for some time now and we’re really excited to see these getting some real traction. One of the initiatives that Rob Perry’s been working on is a co-design process for a micro-credential which has been piloted at Sanford, and which has now received funding to be scaled up. We’ll have more about that in the coming weeks.

This week we also launch our Pre-Election Brief, setting out the issues that our members want to see reflected in party policies this election.
Along with our board members, I’m meeting with all the parties who have signalled their interest in hearing more from business on these enduring, long-term priorities to build a New Zealand where we can all thrive.

And this week we are talking to members about our Impact Framework and what it will look like for SBC to achieve meaningful progress towards the three pillars of our new strategy, which we’ll be unveiling at our Annual Council Meeting on August 19th.

I hope you’re all registered for the ACM and we look forward to seeing you there. Just a reminder that it’s in Wellington this year, with a livestreaming option and a viewing party hosted by Fonterra in Auckland. Until next time.

Video update 16 July


Hello again.  I’ve been away for the last few weeks and just had a week’s holiday, so feeling very recharged, hope you’ve had a chance to have a rest as well.

This week we’ve got just over a month to go before the biggest event of the year, from our point of view, which is our Annual Council Meeting which is on Wednesday the 19th of August this year.

This year we’re doing something a bit different. The Deloitte and Chapman Tripp Election Conference and Election Survey, which is hosted by BusinessNZ, will be in Wellington the day before.  We will follow on from that with our in-person event at Te Papa, which will also be livestreamed. Thanks to Fonterra for hosting our livestreaming party in Auckland, and some of the SBC team will be at that to host you there as well.

This will be your chance to be in the room for the launch of our new strategy, and celebrate the SBC and Climate Leaders Coalition’s shared vision for a New Zealand where people, business, and nature thrive together.

We’ll start with a business breakfast from 8 o’clock, and we’re very pleased that Dr Rod Carr, Chair of the Climate Change Commission will be our keynote speaker there.

Breakfast will be followed by our Annual Council Meeting, and we’ll be talking about what the new SBC strategy means for your business.

You will hear from other members about the opportunities awaiting those at the leading edge of sustainability, and how we can collectively get there.

Our speakers include:

  • Sinead Boucher, CEO of Stuff will be the MC
  • Frances Valintine, CEO of Tech Futures Lab
  • Gerri Ward, who is SBC Deputy Chair and Head of Sustainability and Community, Z Energy
  • Karen Silk, our SBC Chair and GM of the Experience Hub at Westpac
  • Malcolm Johns, CEO of Christchurch International Airport
  • David Walsh, CEO of NZ Post Group
  • Alison Andrew, CEO of Transpower
  • Mike Bennetts, who is the CLC Convener & CEO of Z Energy

Lots of Cs and CEOs in there, wasn’t there. And of course I’ll be there as well.

  • And myself, Mike Burrell, Executive Director of SBC

The ACM is your chance to connect with other business leaders, and we encourage you to attend both events, whether in person or via livestream.

This is for members only, so check Pānui for details and I look forward to seeing you there. See you next time.

Video update 2 July


Hi and welcome back. This week I wanted to welcome the new members that have joined us since the start of the year: AIA, ASB Bank, Hiringa Energy, the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand, Kiwibank, Mondelez New Zealand and Otago Polytechnic.

A huge vote of thanks to those seven organisations for joining the SBC. This confirms that sustainability is even more important in these turbulent times.

To our existing members who have been with us on this journey longer, thank you for your ongoing support. Our community is our strength, please make our new members feel welcome.

Sadly we have had some members leave us recently. We understand times are tough for some people and we hope to see you back again when things get better. In the meantime please do stay in touch.

The other thing I wanted to talk about were those members that have been with us for a very long time and particularly today I want to talk a bit about Toyota because a very sad week for us this week with Alistair our previous chair is retiring from Toyota and I’d like to say a huge vote of thanks to Alistair for all of the work that he’s done over the many years that he’s been with SBC but particularly from me personally for the enormous assistance he gave to me over the last number of months helping me settle into the role.

All the best of the future for you, Alistair, and looking forward to catching up with you in the next few weeks.

I’d also like to talk about what you can expect when you become a new member and initially what we do is we do some onboarding and you’ll be in touch with Pravin, who is our membership manager, he’ll be talking to you about what it means to be a member what you can get from that membership and how you can make sure that your voice is well represented within what we do, and a really important part of that are the stories that we tell about your companies.

You’ll see that on this vlog we often mention our members but also of course in Pānui we do a lot of profiling if you are interested in being profiled whether it’s in Pānui or whether it’s as one of our videos please let us know, always very very happy to profile our companies.

The other thing that I’d like to talk about today is the sort of sustainability aspirations that we are setting out within our strategy. One of the things that you’ll find that’s part of belonging to this family is that we we walk the talk and one of the things that we like to do when members are first joining up is to talk about how you can achieve a lot more through relatively simple things and one of those is putting together a sustainability strategy and this week a global sustainability strategy is being launched by one of our members L’Oreal.

That’s just one example of many of our members who put in place these very practical strategies that allow them to reach their sustainability targets. For our new members we’ll be talking to you about how you might want to go about and do a similar thing.

Very last thing is to talk about our Annual Council Meeting which this year will be on the 19th of August. We’ll be hosting it here in Wellington and that’s to coincide with an election meeting that will be occurring the day before which I think many of the CEOs will be attending. Please do come along to it, we’ll be having a business breakfast starting off at 8 o’clock in the morning and that’ll be followed up with our ACM.

Looking forward to seeing you all there. All the best for the week.

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