SBC welcomes NZ Initiative’s report on Social Impact Bonds

SBC welcomes NZ Initiative’s report on Social Impact Bonds

The Sustainable Business Council (SBC) welcomes the NZ Initiative’s report Investing for Success: Social Impact Bonds and the future of public services.

Penny Nelson, Executive Director of the SBC says, “This is a really useful report for helping New Zealand learn lessons from how Social Impact Bonds have worked overseas. The Bonds offer an innovative  way of delivering government services, that aligns well with the investment approach our government is taking in the welfare system.

“New Zealand has a unique political and regulatory environment, and the report identifies a number challenges and suggestions for how Social Impact Bonds could be successfully implemented here. We’d like to see these challenges for uptake in New Zealand worked through.

“Business is keen to take a leadership role on key social issues. Arrangements for corporates to be able to invest in New Zealand’s social sector, such as through Social Impact Bonds, need to be better understood and more easily facilitated.

“The SBC is taking a closer look at Social Impact Bonds in the work we are doing with Barnardos and the Akina Foundation on youth unemployment and childcare.”

Contact: Penny Nelson 04 496 6285 or 021 460 160




13 May, 2015

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