WBCSD President’s Letter: Business stands behind the Paris Agreement

WBCSD President’s Letter: Business stands behind the Paris Agreement

Today you will have heard the news that the US intends to
withdraw from the Paris Agreement.

Obviously, this is not welcome news – either for the communities and companies
in the US who are now affected by this decision, or for the forward-thinking
companies everywhere who remain committed to accelerating the transition to a
low-carbon world.

However, this decision does not change the facts:

  • The science of climate change is clear, robust and
    pathway is the only way to preserve safe planetary boundaries for
  • 146 countries have now ratified the Paris Agreement. The Agreement has already
    entered into force and provides the right long-term targets for the
    transition. Business
    remains the best implementation partner for governments around the world
    as they strive to achieve and increase these NDC targets.
  • The Paris Agreement provides a safe operating space for
    business. More than 1,000 frontrunning companies are already taking action
    on climate change, including
    in the US
    , and have re-affirmed their deep commitment to
    addressing climate change through the implementation of the Paris
  • The business case for climate action is compelling. Implementing the Paris Agreement will unlock at least $13.5 trillion of economic
    over the next 15 years. The solutions under the Low
    Carbon Technology Partnerships initiative (LCTPi) alone have the potential
    to support 25-45 million jobs each year, while targeting 65% of the
    emissions reductions needed
  • Achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals
    (SDGs), which include fighting climate change, will unlock US$12 trillion
    a year
    across four economic systems
    by 2030. For the SDGs to be achieved, collaboration will be essential.
  • The Paris Agreement shows that transformation towards a
    low carbon economy is inevitable.

    This transition will
    create jobs and determine the future competitive position of companies
    both in the USA and around the world

While the pathway to the low-carbon world
perhaps now looks more rugged than it was before this announcement, it is
nevertheless clearly set out in front of us and it is clear what
forward-thinking business can and must do to move down it.

WBCSD remains committed to working with our members to drive the transition to
a sustainable world. We will work with you to support those efforts everywhere
and to ensure strong, inclusive growth and prosperity for all.

Warm regards,

Peter Bakker

President & CEO, WBCSD




2 Jun, 2017

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