Climate change a top priority for NZ businesses

Climate change a top priority for NZ businesses

The Deloitte BusinessNZ Election Survey has found climate change is one of the top ten government-related issues for businesses.

Sustainable Business Council ExecutiveDirector, Abbie Reynolds, says she is pleased to see the awareness of climatechange growing amongst businesses.

“This survey shows the urgency for action on climate change amongst businesses is growing”.

“Many leading New Zealand companies inthe Sustainable Business Council are already reducing their emissions from the products and services they sell to customers. Some are setting ambitious targets to become carbon neutral by 2050.”

More than fourteen per cent of all respondents ranked climate change as one of their top three government-related issues.

“Following the Paris Agreement, there is unprecedented momentum around the world to tackle climate change. This issue is far too big for any one sector to tackle on its own – Sustainable Business Council member organisations want to be smart and achieve more through partnerships and collaboration with the incoming government.”

The complete results of the 2017Deloitte-BusinessNZ Election Survey can be found here and here

The BusinessNZ Deloitte Election Survey,conducted in May 2017, surveyed 575 businesses of all sizes in all sectors andregions of New Zealand.

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24 Aug, 2017

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