Our Collaborations

SBC membership offers the chance to be a part of industry-wide collaborations with other businesses facing similar sustainability challenges. By pooling time, resources, ideas and energy together to tackle these challenges, our members are able to influence change faster and on a larger scale than they would be able to achieve alone.

In 2018, a number of members in the freight industry approached SBC individually with the same problem: their transportation emissions were huge, and they wondered if other members were finding theirs the same. SBC brought these members together to collaborate on the Low Carbon Freight Pathway, an ambitious but achievable 30-year plan to progressively decarbonise New Zealand’s freight system.

Through this successful collaboration, SBC realised it had a unique ability to connect members in similar industries facing similar challenges together. We also began to see demand from more members for a forum where they can come together to go further faster and boost their collective impact.

Click through below to read more about our current collaborations.

Low Carbon Freight Pathway

Collaborating across the industry to decarbonise New Zealand’s freight system

Agriculture Collaboration

Forming the basis of AgriZero, the private and public sector joint venture organisation

Future Skills Ecosystem

Tackling technology shifts and making sure no one is left behind as we transition to net zero

SBC working groups

In addition to our formal collaborations, SBC has also created a number of working groups for members to join. Focusing on specific challenges that span across industries, these working groups are a space where members share insights, opportunities, challenges and learnings. Read more about our current working groups below.

Adaptation Working Group

Understanding climate adaptation, learning from each other and government

Clean Car Accelerator

Sharing learnings and insights while feeding into the Clean Car Sector Leadership Group

Activate the Allies

Activating sustainability allies in a community of practitioners in Comms, Brand & Marketing

Thriving People

Our Thriving People Working Groups support members to activate the recommendations from our ‘S’ in ESG report.