All Things Carbon Webinar series – Part 2 – verify

All Things Carbon Webinar series – Part 2 – verify

All Things Carbon Webinar series – Part 2 – verify

Introducing carbon and climate series – Part 2 – verify

A changing climate is a today and tomorrow challenge that many of us are familiar with or at least know will impact us. Increasingly businesses are looking at carbon measurement as a way to account for and reduce their impact. To go a step further, many businesses get their activities verified. Have you heard of carbon neutral, carbon zero and other claims? As part of the process of carbon certification, businesses seek to validate their measurement and reduction to match a key marketable claim that not only reinforces their good intentions and ethics, but also provides a position of trust, reputational advantage and integrity in the marketplace. Those who are really keen to go above and beyond are now starting to become climate positive and you may have heard of science based targets. Keen to hear more?

Together with Ekos, Toitu, thinkstep-anz and Deta, leading providers of carbon solutions, we wanted to dive deeper to help you better understand this process and more. So we put together this ‘All Things Carbon’ webinar series covering 5 key elements of your decarbonization journey. They are measure, verify, reduce, offset, and climate positive/ SBTIs:

  • Verify – covers the steps involved in verifying your emissions once you’ve measured them, how to keep good records and optimize resources/ engage staff and suppliers in this process. Register here. (25 July 11.30-12.30pm)

Other parts of the series are:

  • Reduce – while measuring your emissions is a good step, the main aim of all of this is to reduce your emissions and carbon footprint to help champion the cause of climate change. This webinar focuses on practical ways you can reduce emissions and how to frame it up in a plan. Register here. Note we will also be offering a workshop on this so you can get more guidance on this for your organization. (1 August 12-1pm)
  • Offset/ inset – a key step on your carbon journey and to make an impact is to offset those emissions you use, but that you cannot reduce or at least not yet. This then ‘neutralises’ your emissions through supporting other carbon reduction initiatives of others’ activities. Register here. (5 August 12-1pm)
  • Climate positive/ SBTIs – the final webinar is for the champion of champions, those willing to go the extra mile for the good fight and offset more emissions than they actually produce. This is the ‘paying it forward’ of the carbon world. Register here. (12 August 12-1pm)

Each one will be covered by multiple consultancies sharing their perspectives and also insights from clients/ case studies to bring to life the reality of each step, typical challenges faced along the way and general tips that may prove useful to your organization on your journey.

Whether you sign up for the whole series, or are interested in taking just the first step, it all starts with taking that leap into the unknown. We’re here to guide you. Tune in to one or more to dive into all things carbon.

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