Championing businesses to be at the forefront of environmental and social sustainability.

Our vision

Our members have a collective vision for New Zealand to have a thriving, sustainable future. This requires leadership. We provide sustainability leadership across the breadth of social, environmental and economic sustainability issues. Our members’ activity provides us with a credible platform on which to engage government on their behalf, undertake partnerships, and speak out publicly.

We inspire businesses to lead by creating a community of positive change, supporting members to go further, and celebrating their leadership and success. We are a catalyst for change, supporting members to align strategy with shared value creation for society. The SBC team works with our members to accelerate their ability to gain competitive advantage by lifting their environmental, social and governance performance and reporting practices.

Our members are change-makers, and we foster their leadership through capability building and peer-to-peer learning. We facilitate collaborations, connecting companies, partners, and sectors to deliver results that no single company could achieve alone. In leading sustainability within their business, our members inspire other businesses to go further.

As New Zealand’s partner to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) we showcase member leadership on sustainability on the international stage, as well as highlight global trends and best practice for our members to learn from.

We recognise there are many social and environmental challenges facing New Zealand and our planet, and our members all have different material issues. These include loss of biodiversity, pollution, deforestation, waste, and many other issues. When these fall outside our core focus areas (climate action and thriving people), we provide a platform for our members to collaborate with each other and with partner organisations

Work programme

Current areas of work

Previous areas of work

He aha te kai ō te rangatira? He Kōrero, he kōrero, he kōrero.

What is the food of the leader? It is knowledge. It is communication.


  • SBC members are actively committed to the balanced pursuit of economic growth, environmental sustainability and social progress;
  • Our membership has grown to 150 businesses by 2025;
  • SBC members are satisfied and engaged, as measured by our annual membership survey; and
  • We are a trusted voice on business sustainability with business, government, stakeholders, and the people of New Zealand.

Robert has over 20 years’ experience providing strategic leadership on critical sustainability issues and their solutions in business, consultancy and public sector organisations in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.


Robert Perry

Manager, Thriving People

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