We’re a specialist New Zealand owned transport planning and engineering, location and technology consultancy. We work with governments, local councils, developers and a range of private organisations to provide empowering advice and insightful solutions, that allow them to make better decisions for the future.

Our transport team develop and deliver strategies and infrastructure that support safer travel, improved access and mobility. They’re big picture thinkers who prioritise environmental, economic and personal wellbeing outcomes.

Our location and technology team help organisations gain insights from their data, so they can
improve efficiency, save money and make smarter decisions. We’re all about providing clarity so people can make informed decisions that benefit our communities.

Organisations work with us to transform their towns and cities into healthier, more environmentally friendly places with sustainable transport strategies, plans and infrastructure. Safe, efficient and enjoyable active transport solutions support and encourage people to travel as independently as possible. Improve your community wellbeing and reduce carbon emissions by supporting more travel by walking, cycling, public transport and micro-mobility devices.

Council Member

Mark Reeves

Group Manager, Marketing and Products