Farmlands Co-operative

Farmlands Co-operative

At Farmlands, sustainability is increasingly core to who we are and what we stand for as an organisation. That means being able to measure and hold ourselves to account for our environmental and social impact and ensuring appropriate governance throughout the organisation for managing and measuring this transparently and accurately.

As a large organisation we use and impact on various resources to deliver goods and services to our shareholders. Farmlands is also interweaved within the fabric of rural communities, including as an employer. Being environmentally and socially sustainable is critical if we are to be relevant to our shareholders who are having to lean into this challenge also to position their businesses for the future.

Farmlands recognises that its operations have an impact on the environment and is incorporating sustainability as a key pillar of its organisational strategy.

It is our objective to tie sustainability in with what we generally consider to be sound business practices, such as increased efficiency, minimising waste, and maximising output. We recognise that sustainability is a multi-faceted concept that has far-reaching implications for our internal and external operations in terms of our environmental, social, and economic impacts.

Through sustainability policies we plan to enforce high standards throughout our workforce and external partners to ensure we are a progressive and environmentally responsible organisation. We recognise that the impacts of climate change through greenhouse gas emissions is a significant issue; in acknowledgment of this we consider carbon management as a priority.

Monitoring our emissions is a vital component of achieving carbon efficiency and sustainable development which in turn will enable an effective implementation of reduction projects. Strategic choices throughout the company will be made to meet our sustainability objectives.

Council Member

Scott Brown

GM Strategy and Business Performance