PHI International

PHI International

Following 65 years of proudly operating under the HNZ brand, PHI International was established in 2017 when PHI Inc. acquired HNZ New Zealand Limited (HNZ).

We are global leaders in helicopter transportation with an international footprint that spans New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines, Ghana, Cyprus and Saudi Arabia.

We fly offshore and remote workers, mining crews, marine pilots and military people in the search and rescue, oil and gas, defence, energy, maritime and mining industries to work and home safely again. We also bring missing and injured people home from remote and hard to get to places.

We are safety and aviation experts, taking on some of the most challenging assignments in helicopter aviation – from mission critical marine pilot transfers to complex search and rescue operations.

At PHI International we understand the important role we need to play to contribute to more sustainable practices and to achieve better environmental and societal outcomes for all.

It is imperative for us to be a responsible partner in the industry and actively participate in the eventual transition from oil and gas to renewable energy sources.

We strive to continually build our understanding of sustainability in a multi-faceted way, so we can adapt our programs and run our operations in a way that is better aligned with the future of the energy industry.

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