Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand Ltd

Fairtrade Australia and New Zealand Ltd

Did you know that Fairtrade is not only about stable prices and decent working conditions for farmers and workers it is a holistic approach to sustainable trade? Fairtrade’s comprehensive standards are designed to address environmental, social and as well as economic aspects of supply chains.

Farmers are at the heart of Fairtrade’s mission, they are not only beneficiaries of Fairtrade they are also 50% owners of the system and guide the strategy and direction of our work.

Through consultation and dialogue, we understand the evolving challenges farmers are facing. We are firm believers that farmers are best placed to tackle sustainability within their communities and that by empowering and investing in them through Fairtrade and alongside our commercial partners we can enable a brighter and enduring future for all.

In New Zealand, we also work to raise awareness of the issues that farmers face through our consumer campaigns, activities, and reports - and show how consumers and workplaces can make a tangible difference, with confidence, by supporting brands that sell Fairtrade Certified products.

Whilst 76% of kiwis recognise the Fairtrade Mark and it is the most recognised ethical label in the world, it is reassuring to know that we are seen to be top of mind as a leading sustainability brand in New Zealand, with 46% of kiwis viewing us as a leader and validator in the area of sustainability (Colmar Brunton’s Better Business Survey, 2017).

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Mark Suttie

Chief Growth Officer