Nespresso New Zealand

Nespresso New Zealand

At Nespresso we have a rich heritage of pioneering and revolutionising coffee. For over thirty years we have pushed the boundaries of what a unique coffee experience can be. We believe that while crafting exceptional coffees and unique experiences for our customers, we can also have a positive impact on humans and nature. We know that coffee can be a true force for good and are constantly seeking to transform systems and generate a positive impact on society.

Doing business sustainably at Nespresso is far more than a desire to act responsibly. Our future depends on it. Only by delivering long-term positive impact to farmers, society and the environment can we ensure the ongoing supply of exceptional coffee in every cup to consumers.

Our Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program was developed to meet a goal shared by Nespresso and the Rainforest Alliance: to create a sustainable supply of the highest quality coffee, while improving the situation for coffee farmers and their communities. In 2020 we announced our launch of the first coffee capsules on the market made using 80% recycled aluminium, as part of our continued journey towards circularity, going further to minimize waste and maximize reuse of product materials.

We also have a huge focus on accelerating our actions on climate change, committing to achieving full carbon neutrality across our supply chain and product life cycle by 2022.

Council Member

Stefan Vermeulen

Managing Director New Zealand